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Russia Travelogue

It was June 2017 that I received a call from one my friends from Tehran telling me to arrange a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. We were supposed to meet some managers related to our work and also we could have the chance to visit Russia. Furthermore, visiting Russia during white nights is an unforgettable experience that cannot be forgotten easily.

Cesme, Alacati Travelogue

My dear friends I hope my new travelogue will be helpful for all those people who want to travel to Izmir, Alacati and also Kusadasi. After my trip to Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia, I decided to have another trip to Turkey. My target cities were Izmir, Cesme, Alacati and Kusadasi. It is worth noting to know that I wanted to travel to European countries first, but we didn’t succeeded in that issue, so our trip to Turky was organized.

Maldives Travelogue

I normally try to share all my travel stories and hereby I want to write about my Maldives travel experience. A travel that can mesmerize you and can make you happy. Before going to Maldives I had several other choices that I would like to go, such as Suchi in Russia, Kerala in India, Tokyo in Japan and several other cities, that could make my choice, but finally I made up my mind and chose Maldives.

Malaysia Travelogue

Traveling to Malaysia has always been different from our other trips. This trip was our first trip to a foreign country, so its memories will continue forever. Though, I do believe a trip to Malaysia can be really intriguing in case of Malaysia’s especial condition. In this country you meet Indians, Chinese, Japanese, and also French. So, it’s like traveling to 5 countries.


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